Accessories are always being my first love. If i have to opt out from clothes and jewellery, i will definitely pick some funky jewellery pieces. These days bulky silver pieces are most in trend, they look so heavy and costly but they don’t and you don’t need to wear anything but only one piece of jewellery. Real silver accessories are also available but i don’t think that you should spend more money on only one piece, except that you are fan of real jewellery. Certainly they look so amazing but you have many other options available.

Even i see many women carry silver jewellery on wedding or any other occasions so i think gold ornaments are not compulsory. You can find even hand cuff, bulky earring and many more in silver, nowadays they are available in multi-colored so you can match with your outfit. In many ways i can play with silver jewellery, they are so amazing. They match with western and traditional easily so you don’t have to effort so hard on your looks, even they save your money.

Neckpiece : prettifiers9 (insta)
Dress : locak

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